Thomas Edison

How to Pick the Right Chiropractor

Sometimes when people think of the word “chiropractor” they cringe or become cynical. Whether it’s the cost, fear of having your neck “cracked”, or thinking you don’t have to go to one because you’re not in pain, these misconceptions make it harder for chiropractors to reach people and help them. It can take a fair amount of courage to make that initial move to go to a chiropractor, or people eventually end up going out of a desperate need for pain relief. One bad experience with a chiropractor can give the whole lot a bad reputation but if you find a good one, they can change your entire world. Before you decide to go to a chiropractor, I would like to give you some tips on choosing the right doctor for you and your loved ones.

Thomas Edison once said,

He was really ahead of his time in his way of thinking. “The doctor of the future” should actually be a teacher. Doctors should EMPOWER “students” (patients) to take their health into their own hands because health is a journey. A doctor that can understand where you are in your journey and help you toward achieving better health is the best kind. The greatest healing comes from within, as long as the body has nothing interfering with it.

Make sure you find a doctor that is PASSIONATE about what they do. Doctors that are passionate tend to be more serious about their work and really enjoy what they do. Find one that is passionate about getting you better and achieving optimal health.

You don’t want a doctor that has an ego and isn’t willing to LISTEN to your health concerns. This can be frustrating, as miscommunication can occur and get in the way of your journey toward better health. A doctor that VALUES your time is not going to waste it by ignoring your concerns or making you wait hours in the waiting room, for they understand you have a busy life, family, and other obligations.

You want a doctor that is OPEN MINDED to new perspectives and new ideas. One that is willing to change as technology, experience, and knowledge in their field is improved. The pace at which technology and information are being shared in today’s age is so rapid it means a doctor has to keep “studying” if they want to stay with the current times.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Going to a Chiropractor

  1. Can you show me where the problem is located? It is important for you to understand your case so you know what is going on if you do have a structural shift in your spine. Just like if you went to a dentist and they took an X-ray of your teeth to find a cavity, wouldn’t you want your dentist to show you so you could better understand your health and see where your problems exist? At Spineology Chiropractic we take your health very seriously and want to show you if you have any subluxations in your spine that may be making your spine weaker. When your spine becomes weakened, it can cause nerve interference, which can rob you of your health. Wouldn’t you like to be shown if you had a spinal problem?
  2. Can you correct it? If your case is accepted and you do have a problem, the least your doctor can do is tell you whether they can fix what they found or not. There is no sense in seeing a chiropractor 3x/week for a year if they can’t fix the structural shifts in your spine. This would be a waste of time and money.
  3. Can you prove to me it was corrected? Not all chiropractors take post films but at Spineology Chiropractic we hold ourselves to a high standard and like to monitor your progress as well as show you we have made corrections to your spine. Similarly, if you went to a dentist and they said you had a cavity, wouldn’t you want to see the cavity had been removed?

Our mission at Spineology Chiropractic is to be the best chiropractors we possibly can be by making your experience fun, educational, and personalized. We want patients to feel empowered about their journey toward better health through open communication, understanding of our technology, and visual objective results. If we feel you are a good candidate for our unique services, we would love to get your body functioning optimally through our approach.