I get a lot of asked questions about chiropractic and kids such as;

“Do I work with kids?” -Yes

“Is chiropractic safe for kids?”– I have gotten this question a lot over the years. The answer is Yes of course. Please take note that adjustments are very different than on adults and there is a LOT LESS force during the adjustment. We do not “twist” or “crack” spines. Our adjustments on kids are done with very light pressures

“How do I know if my child needs to go to the chiropractor?”-The best way to know is to get them checked. Not everyone qualifies for our services so we would need to do an evaluation first to determine if they need treatment or not.

At Spineology Chiropractic we take our care seriously, so the only way we can determine if your child has a misalignment in their spine is after an evaluation. It is hard for infants to tell you if something is wrong but after an evaluation we can determine if your child has a misalignment or not in his/her spine causing a decrease in function.

Kids’ spines are growing while they are developing and it is possible that just one of their falls is enough to cause a slight misalignment of their spine. If left uncorrected then the body will adapt and grow crooked (scoliosis). Most of the time kids do not complain of back pain or headaches when this occurs so it is important to get them checked to see if this is occuring.

Chiropractic can help kids with:

  • Scoliosis
  • Ear Infections
  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Improving the Immune System

To find a chiropractor in your area who works with kids or for more information visit this site: https://icpa4kids.org