Our Vision

To offer an opportunity to the surrounding community for them to get their spines checked for vertebral subluxations that are inhibiting community members from expressing life’s full potential from within. To serve the community so that sickness and disease can be prevented from the harmful long term effects of a subluxation. To see a community grow where kids can start life expressing 100% of life’s potential that they are born with, so that they may grow, learn, and enjoy life. Imagine a community where kids run around playing, parents don’t have to fear getting sick and have to miss work and worry about supporting their families. Imagine sickness and disease being less prevalent in a community which will prevent health challenges in the future who eventually grow up to become healthy grandparents who can see their grandchildren grow up and not have to worry about inhibiting or debilitating health challenges that’s prevents them from doing so.

Because this is the vision of Spineology Chiropractic, our team is dedicated to serving the community by sharing knowledge and letting them know the benefits with their community and the world. Our team works hard to accomplish big and small goals so that we can work efficiently as possible to help as many people as possible. Spineology Chiropractic values the community members who make a commitment to their own health and their families’ health.

Our Mission

We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to help our clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.

Remove Nerve Interference

To help the expression of the subtle substance of the soul to help people reach optimum health.

Serve Humanity

Serve mankind to help reach optimum health and healing potential, by removing nerve interference that transmits messages from the subtle substance of the soul to all living tissue (cells).



Our Philosophy

To help people achieve better health naturally by removing nerve irritation and interference that may be inhibiting oneself from achieving better health with advancements in chiropractic with the improvement of technology.

Spineology Chiropractic Staff


Our Team

Dustin Kniffin D.C., M.S., C.C.E.P.

Dustin Kniffin D.C., M.S., C.C.E.P.


Dr. Dustin Kniffin was just 16 years old when he knew he wanted to be a chiropractor. He suffered from a weight lifting injury, which left him handicapped for two years and unable to lift more than 25 pounds. Multiple medical doctors prescribed him muscle relaxers and physical therapy, but all attempts failed to relieve his lower back pain. It wasn’t until he was seen by a chiropractor that he finally felt relief. After personally receiving the health benefits chiropractic care has to offer, it became an obvious path he wanted to pursue. Throughout his schooling at Life University, he studied the Pierce Results System and biomechanics of the upper cervical spine. After being exposed to the technology and advancements chiropractic has made, he decided to continue studying these technique through the rest of his schooling. After finishing his Doctorate in Chiropractic, he decided to further his education and pursue a Master’s in Sports Health Sciences with a focus in sports chiropractic to better work with and treat athletes. While obtaining his Master’s, he also had a fellowship with Dr. Keith Rau taking care of the athletes at Life University and Kennesaw State. He treated many types of athletes including; basketball, rugby, wrestling, bowling, golf, soccer, swim, and track and field, many of which went on to national championships. He gained valuable experience working on the sidelines with athletic trainers to help athletes meet their performance goals, as well as aiding injured players, including post-surgical cases. Dr. Kniffin’s mission at Spineology Chiropractic is to change as many lives as possible through specific chiropractic care so their bodies may express health as they were intended. Dr. Dustin Kniffin decided it was time to open up his own office so he could provide the quality of care that patients deserve. He plans to help people in Boston and surrounding communities achieve the highest level of health possible through technologically advanced spinal corrective chiropractic care. He is also passionate to help athletes attain optimal performance and prevent injuries. In his spare time, Dr. Kniffin enjoys hiking, working out, reading, spending time with friends and family, and finding ways to improve chiropractic care in order to help more people. Certifications Dr. Kniffin is certified in the following: Pierce Results System Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) Webster Technique Orthospinology Basic 1 Applied Kinesiology Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

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Tracy Kniffin

Tracy Kniffin

Patient Coordinator

Tracy volunteers as the office assistant in the Maine location, handling all of the scheduling and appointments. Her passion about health and wellness grew as she randomly developed health problems throughout her life that the medical profession could not explain or help with. This led her to explore other alternative forms of healthcare including herbalism which she has recently found a passion for and is currently pursuing her apprenticeship as an herbalist.

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