Computerized medical infrared imaging system
Computerized medical infrared imaging system


Choosing a qualified office or imaging center should be as simple as performing an internet search for an office in your area, but unfortunately it isn’t. There are many offices that have very poorly trained personnel using substandard imaging systems and doctors that are providing image interpretation without a proper education.

Just like any office or imaging center offering radiology services, a qualified thermography center should have certified technicians performing the imaging and a board certified thermogologist providing the interpretation of the images. But are these “certified” technicians and “board certified” thermologists really well-educated and certified? This is the problem we are seeing. The caliber of the training of the technician and thermologist is of the utmost importance. I guess the best way to understand the current problems we encounter, and the solution to this problem, is to use an example that we can all understand.

Here is a list of questions to ask when interviewing an office or imaging center providing thermography

  1.     Is the technician certified by an association or group that has a faculty that can trace their lineage?
  2.     Does the technician provide imaging under recognized standards and guidelines?
  3.     Has the thermologist providing their interpretations been board certified by a recognized group that can trace their lineage that is well respected?
  4.     Does the thermologist provide interpretation of breast thermograms using peer-reviewed and accepted guidelines such as each breast given a TH grading?

You will have to make the decision if the answer is no to any of the above questions.