Pierce Results System

Founded and developed by Dr. Walter V. Pierce, the Pierce Results System is a highly specialized technique which focuses on accurately pinpointing the problem area(s) in your spine based oh how the bones in your spine move through ranges of motion. This biomechanical analysis allows us to see undetected spinal problems and provides us the basis for making a specific and highly-effective adjustment. This system recognizes that everyone’s bodies are unique and therefore everyone has a different origin to their health problems.


With this system we are able to identify the root cause of your problem by using objective tools such as digital infrared thermography (as seen in the image above), spinal posture & stress  X-rays, a gentle computerized adjusting instrument as well as a 3-Dimensional adjusting table. These tools take the guesswork in order to provide you with the most specific, effective treatment possible.

Upper Cervical

This approach is very specific to adjusting the top bone in your neck, the Atlas bone. The biomechanics are different in the top part of the spine and so our approach is different to help accommodate while being gentle, specific, giving lasting relief. This area also has neurological implications due to its proximity to the brain stem. It’s a vital part of your spine that relays information from the brain to the rest of the body. Any distortion present, then, can have neurological consequences.

A light force laser-guided instrument is used to demonstrate the exact correction needed as determined by a mathematical equation from your digital X-rays. It’s so precise that it even shows exactly which direction to make the adjustment and the amplitude necessary without any twisting or cracking of the neck.